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How to care for your glassware and stemware

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To maintain the longevity of glassware, it needs to be treated and handled carefully. Mechanical shock and thermal shock is a main reason why glass breaks.

Thermal shock is the result of glass experiencing a sudden temperature change. Glass holds temperature, and a rapid change in temperature can cause enough stress to result in breakage.

For example, a glass that has ice in it cannot go directly into the dishwasher that will be started within minutes. After done with the glass that has ice, dump the ice out, run over room temperature water, or let it sit for a few hours before loading and running a dishwasher. Do not take a glass out of a dishwasher that has just completed its cleaning cycle to add cold water or ice. The heat from the dishwasher will cause the glass to shatter, crack or break.

The glass needs to reach room temperature before being taken to the other extreme, and the thicker or heavier the item, the more time is needed. Cracks that result from thermal shock usually form around abrasions caused by mechanical impact, increasing the chances of breakage.

Never put cold water or ice into a warm or hot glass, or never add cold water or ice direct into a hot glass. Use a room temperature glass to add cold water or. Pre-heat a glass by running hot tap water before adding hot beverages.

Mechanical shock in glassware is the direct contact with another object, such as a spoon, a beer tap, another glass, or a piece of china. This kind of contact can cause a minute abrasion, invisible to the eye, but a source of weakness in the glass, making it more susceptible to breakage from impact or thermal shock.

Some tips to prevent Mechanical shock: Avoid glass to glass contact. Make sure glasses do not touch each other during a dishwasher cycle. If adding glasses into a wine rack or in a shelf do not allow the glass to touch. Do not pick up more then one glass at a time in each hand. Do not add metal or flatware into glasses. When storing glasses set them side by side, do not stack glasses inside of each other.

Following these tips on Thermal shock and mechanical shock will help you maintain a life long with your drinking glassware.

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